Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Little Fish from the Kitchen Garden (Peixinhos da Horta)

This recipe is very curious because it has fish in the name but in fact it hasn't any fish. It is prepared with green beans in a batter, and so resembles small fish. This accompaniment is common fare in Portugal, while beans are season, being served mainly at home, although some restaurants also have them. They are good hot or cold and generally they are intended to go with meat dishes or alone as a starter dish.


4oo gr (14 oz) green beans, cutted into equal lengths
120 gr (4 oz) white plain flour
2 eggs
salt and pepper
cold water
oil for frying


Cook the green beans during 20 minutes.
In a bowl mix the flour with enough water to make a paste with the consistency of thick cream. When the flour is well mixed and free from lumps, add the beaten eggs and a little salt and pepper, beat well. Then use the batter for coating the green beans, frying them in groups of three over medium heat until golden. Absorb excess fat on kitchen paper as you take them out the frying pan. Serve hot or cold.


  1. A strange name (although they do look like small fried fish). I love green beans and am always on the lookout for different recipes. Great post.

  2. Hi Amélia
    Great tempura dish.
    I just love it x